The GOBLINFINITE Goblin Generator generates so many different goblins that you'll never see the same one twice! 

  • Generate a gazillion goblins!
  • Watch them wriggle around as you decide their fates!
  • Behold their bewildering backstories!
  • Save them in a variety of useful image formats for use as tokens, avatars, or just for giggles!
  • Or... Sacrifice them to the belly of their bloodthirsty god! 

Art and design by @ROLLINKUNZ

Code and development by @ChimpCEO

GOBLINFINITE is still a work in progress! Help it grow by sharing it, and we'll add more features! πŸ’š
If the web build doesn't work for you on mobile, there's an experimental Android .apk for you to download & try out.


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I am just getting a black screen that displays after the loading screens. Running this on both chrome and opera on Samsung note 20 ultra. So want this to work!

OK it might be that I am viewing on mobile. I will check on desktop. 

Unfortunately, Godot builds seem to be rather hit or miss on mobile web browsers.

We’ll be releasing native Android apps soon, and then hopefully iOS ones as well.

I hope the desktop experience is better for you! Let me know if you are still encountering any issues.


yup all working on desktop chrome :D Cant wait for Android version.

That’s great to hear! I’ll ping you when the Android app has been released 🐡




Glad you like it! πŸ’š


Thank you kindly! 😁


I love it! GMs always need more funky goblins


Check it out! We've made a bunch of improvements! :D